Five tips for designing your pantry the right way

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The pantry provides an excellent solution for organizing your kitchen and keeping your food goods in a cool, tidy environment. But how do you know what type of storage is best for you? Before getting started on the design of your pantry, have a look at our list of tips and ideas.

Size and layout

First you should try to determine what type of pantry is ideal for you. You’ll need to take into consideration the size of your family, how often you cook and how often you go grocery shopping. Keep the future and unexpected events in mind, such as the addition of a new family member, which would necessitate more storage space.

Be sure that the doors are wide enough to give you a full view of what’s in the cupboards and to allow for storage of small electrical appliances and bulkier items.

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To prolong the shelf life of your food items and canned goods, it is a good idea to have your pantry in the northeast corner of the house, known for being the coolest, driest location in the house.
Also, to optimize the use of kitchen space, it is recommended that the pantry be located close to your work surfaces.


If you use your pantry essentially for food storage, be sure that shelves for canned goods are not too deep so that you maximize the visibility and accessibility of the food products. Deep shelves are suitable for bulk items in containers, while drawers are used mainly to store dry goods in bags.
If you want to store small electrical appliances or other household products, opt for high, deep shelves that you can hang baskets or items from.


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The right lighting

Don’t overlook this! It’s one of the most important elements for optimizing storage space. In addition to a central source of lighting, you can add LED lights under your shelves and in your drawers.
Painting the walls white will brighten up the room and make it seem bigger.


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Maximize its usage

The pantry can also be a great place to store items that you use occasionally and don’t want to see in your kitchen. For example, by placing your recycling bin in the pantry, you’ll save space in the kitchen and the bin won’t be visible to everyone. The pantry is also a good spot for storing bottles of liquor. Why not set up a minibar there?.
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