Interior design: a renovation project's design stages


People who come to RénoM3 Design for help with their renovation project often have a pretty good idea of what they want. Our designers are there to assist with the design process, make suggestions, see the feasibility of the project and also turn the entire project into reality. In order to be successful, here are some of the most quintessential steps that will help us confirm that our vision is closely tied up to yours.

Step 1 - Initial meeting to determine the concept

When the customer meets us for a renovation project - in this example, a bathroom - we take time to discuss and ask him questions. We analyze the room to renovate, the preferences of the client concerning style, materials, colors, etc. We then carry out the conceptual design that is proposed.

Salle de bain Ferron Lavalle Renom3Salle de bain Ferron Lavalle Renom3

Step 2 - Validating the feasibility with our contractors

The 2D plans are mainly used for technical purposes for the construction team to confirm the feasibility of the different elements constituting the project. It is not this design that allows the customer to see what the final room will look like, but it allows designers and entrepreneurs to get a better understanding of the project.

Step 3 - 3D visualization of the renovation project

Once the conceptual design is approved, the designer can move forward with the 3D modeling of the room to be renovated. By modeling it, we can demonstrate in detail the elements constituting the project, until we have a fairly realistic picture of what the room will look like when finished. 3D modeling of a room allows to:

  • Visualize a project as a whole before its realization;
  • Quickly develop the concept of the project;
  • Reassure the customer since he will be able to see what the room will look like before approving the beginning of the work;
  • Confirm the final result, including furniture, materials and even accessories.

Thanks to these steps in the design of the project, you will exactly know what to expect. There won't be any surprises! You will just need to embark on the adventure and start the renovation with us!

And if you also have a renovation project, trust our designers to guide you in the process, contact us today!

Salle de bain Ferron Lavalle