Kitchen design: wood or

Wood counters have many qualities and will be much appreciated in your new kitchen, either for the look or practicality. It is not without reason that counters of the "butcher block" type are popular in interior design!

Since the countertop is natural, its appearance and color vary depending on the type of wood chosen. RénoM3 offers five types of wood: walnut, maple, oak, wild cherry and cherry. Practical, durable and resistant - don't forget that it can be sanded - it is easy to maintain because it only requires a natural oil treatment that is easily available in many large surfaces. Entirely made to measure - dimension, thickness, shape and edge profile - this counter fits in all types of decorations. It is often used to add a touch of warmth in a contemporary setting that is often seen as cold because of the sober materials and neutral colors.

The "butcher block" counter is definitely a must for a kitchen island! As a central gathering point, the island needs to be well thought out, as in this project by RénoM3.

RénoM3 comptoirs de type bloc de boucher

In this concept, the wood counter has two distinct functions and works as both a lunch counter and a cutting board. Placed directly next to the hob, it facilitates the preparation of meals. The wooden counter marks out the different functions in this kitchen. We have juxtaposed it to quartz to obtain a contrast effect and the different heights are making the island more dynamic.

The chef who sleeps in you will undoubtedly appreciate his wooden counter! Come see us at one of our two showrooms. Our designers at RénoM3 will offer you some good advice to find your favorite wooden counter.