Residential Architecture in Montréal


Our trusted partners for your architecture projects in Montreal

We offer a personalized approach and each renovation project is unique. We are committed to developing excellent, aesthetic and ergonomic renovations for our customers.

When it comes to major transformations, we do not hesitate to call on architects, engineers or surveyors, with whom we have developed a relationship of trust over the years. These partners are of great help to us in the development of technical house plans

In addition, their knowledge and professional experiences allow your wildest dreams to come true. Whether for the expansion or renovation of your home, the expertise of our partners is recognized in the field of residential architecture.

All of the architects we work with are members of the Ordre des architectes du Québec.

Tailor-made residential architectural plans adapted to your tastes and needs

Our partner architects are involved in the conception phase of your renovation project. Based on your needs, your environment and your way of life, they draw up house layout plans: creation of light spaces, articulation of rooms and ergonomics, etc. The aim of architecture is to bring together beauty and functionality. Throughout the renovation work, the renovation contractor relies on these architectural plans, namely, structure, exterior cladding, ceilings and floors, cabinetry, plumbing, electricity.

The architects also make the 3D models to give you an overview of the finished rendering and prepare the budgets and schedules for the project. This collaboration allows us to offer you personalized solutions for each space in your home that meet the highest quality standards in the renovation industry.

It is from the architectural plans that RÉNO M3 correctly organizes each stage of the renovation project. Our team dedicated to interior design carries out functional concepts that take into account the spaces defined by the architect. Our project management skills and our extensive field expertise allow us to carry out plans for houses, single-family home addition or condos renovation, while respecting the most stringent construction standards.