Home Addition Contractor


RénoM3 Design, the expert for your turnkey home addition project

The know-how of a home construction and renovation contractor is measured on the job site. For your major home renovation and home extension projects, including structural changes, concrete slab addition, floor addition, window and door installation and home additions, the experts at RénoM3 take charge of every step with knowledge and professionalism for your peace of mind.

RénoM3 works with a team of qualified professionals made up of technologists, architects, designers and surveyors, in addition to specialized contractors. This complete and tailor-made home extension project management service will help you transform your family home according to the highest design and quality standards while scrupulously respecting the set schedule and budget.

Our designers will offer you quality materials. Our craftsmen are qualified and trained to work with all types of materials.


  • an interior designer assigned to your personal project;
  • coaching at every step, from planning to completion;
  • exclusive materials;
  • accreditations, insurance and warranties;
  • a respected budget;
  • expertise and know-how, thanks to our skilled workforce.

RénoM3 can carry out a total or partial renovation of your house.

We can carry out major renovation projects, including:

  • expanding rooms, room addition;
  • storey addition or removal;
  • raising roofs;
  • building additions;
  • removing load-bearing walls;
  • installing doors and windows;
  • adding a garage to a house
  • and more.

What really sets RénoM3 apart is that we work on projects that are dear to our clients' hearts. We are fully aware of the sentimental value your home has for you and we make sure to take good care of it. We work diligently and pay attention to details to ensure that your family home remodeling project, home passed down through the generations, 100-year-old house or just your favourite place to live—once renovated— be even better than you could have imagined. 

RénoM3, your general contractor for home expansion in Montreal and its outskirts

As a home extension contractor, we oversee every step of the project, which saves you a lot of hassle and coordination. From making contact until the end of the job, we take care of everything. A single contact for all project aspects: RénoM3!

RénoM3 is renovating homes in Montreal and in the Greater Montreal. Come visit our showroom in Montreal to discover our achievements and meet our team who will be delighted to welcome you and support you in your project.


Discover our achievements in terms of home addition, floor addition, garage addition, etc. Let yourself be inspired by these home additions in Montreal and Greater Montreal and contact us to make yours a reality!